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Xerox® Nuvera® Production System delivers down to the last dot and line, rivaling offset point by point.

Since the industry quantifies great imaging in dots per inch (dpi) and lines per inch (lpi), it’s important to know the Nuvera Production System has the numbers to support the results.

Not only does it RIP at an impressive 1200 x 1200 dpi, it also delivers 4800 x 600 dpi printing, with halftone screens available at 85, 106, 125, 134 and an unprecedented 156 lpi. These quality facts translate into remarkable printed pages through silky grays, pictures that say, “this is for real” and heightened clarity and detail in every line and letter.

Plus, Xerox’s Cyclone Cleaning Technology automatically removes stray toner and particles, creating the pristine environment needed for such stellar prints on a consistent and reliable basis.

Brochure of Nuvera 100 120 144 157 EA

Brochure of Nuvera 200 288 314 EA

Brochure of Nuvera 100 120 144 200 288 MX

Nuvera Finishing Guide

Color Capability

Black and White


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